Saturday, January 23, 2010


8 Rummynose Tetra's
10 Pristella Tetra's
5 Lemon Tetra's
1 Glass Tetra
1 Silverside Tetra
4 Cardinal Tetras
1 Weather Loach

And that's why you quarantine. The Rummynose came down with Ich and soon they all did. I then blundered the QuickCure dose and finished them off. The only survivors were in other tanks. Lesson learned: Buy one species at a time and QT them properly.

The Weather Loach was killed by a Madtom. The other Weather Loach I have has ripped fins and an open wound on his back. I moved him to another tank, hope it's not too late. Note to self: do not put the Madtoms in with other Cats or Loaches.


okie said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, bro. You take it in stride very well. I'd be sledge-hammering me some fish tanks.

Sundance said...

Ha! = )

Losing new arrivals isn't really like losing a new puppy. Not to sound too clinical but the emotional response is more equivalent to slightly burning dinner.

I respect all life but if I smashed a tank every time I lost a fish that's all I'd do.

Thanks for the empathy, though.