Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day is approaching

The eyes are distorted by the flash.  Nest in back.

Love must be in the air, or water as it is.  I'd noticed last week that one of the two female Pearl Gourami had fattened up (usually indicating they're full of eggs and ready to spawn).  I considered moving her and the male into a separate tank but I hadn't seen the male build a bubble nest yet (male spawning indicator) and didn't know if he would be ready.   I also don't have easy access to RO water, which may be necessary to hatch the eggs.  RO water lowers the hardness of my tap water.  This reduced mineral content is reportedly necessary for Gourami eggs to hatch.

Today I noticed the male tending a bubble nest.  At first I thought he was building it, but I saw him running the females off.  He appears to be in post-spawn-egg-guarding father mode.

View from above.

 and angled from below.


okie said...

Very cool. How does he make the nest, he spit out some mucus or something?

Sundance said...

Yep. He generates a thin mucus coating and blows air into it, like we did in high school.

How does a fish blow air? This species belongs to a family that has a "labyrinth organ" that allows them to breathe air and use gills to breathe water.

Aloha Pet Hospital said...

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